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About Us


The West Side Fire Department provides services to 25 square miles of the West Side Fire Protection District. We cover an additional 25 square miles that is encompassed in an auto aid agreement with Oregon Department of Forestry and the United States Forest Service for fire protection. West Side Fire District’s population is roughly 8,000 with an influx in the peak of summer due to tourism and seasonal labor. The department responds to roughly 500 calls for service each year. We are always striving to achieve the highest level of professionalism and efficiency on behalf of those we serve. WSRFPD operates on a tax rate of $0.78/$1,000 per assessed value of property and an additional $0.50/$1,000 operational tax levy.


Westside Fire is located on the outskirts of Hood River in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. Hood River Valley is a playground for recreationalists and outdoor enthusiasts. West Side is one of five agencies that provide Fire and EMS services in Hood River County. Our main station is located on the outskirts of Hood River at 1185 Tucker Road. We also have a remote station and training center located on the west side of the district at 4250 Barrett drive.

We are a combination department staffed by four full time positions, eight part-time / stipend shift volunteers. 38 volunteers make up the majority of the ranks. The department is made up of three Fire/EMS companies lead by a Captain. There is a support division, company five, made up of those members wanting to help outside the fire ground. We have a student firefighter program that runs in cooperation with Hood River Valley High School and Horizon Christian School. The Board of Directors is elected by the community. The Chief and Administrative Chief are appointed by the Board of Directors. The remaining officers are appointed by the Chief and Assistant Chiefs.

For additional information please visit one of the following: or West Side at or find us on Twitter.